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Once you make a Word Press blog you will understand. The best way I can put it is this, when you create a blog you should pick topic you can write about every week.

You’ll know how to make a real blog/website and will tell everyone and recommend it to everyone. You can take any topic like “best cameras” and cover new angels, trends, photographers and such every week. Pick one of those topics you just write on and your fingers fly across the keyboard as your head nods and your foot taps away.

However this method requires them to MANUALLY add each post link to the gadget every time they publish a post with the specified label. We’re not going to do that, because we have a better, more elegant solution.

Once added, the list will update itself automatically.

So login at and click button under blog title on Dashboard. Give a title and put in some message to your blog members.

Word Press powers over 26% of the web’s most popular 10 million websites so it’s a no brainer to use them.

This isn’t to give you pressure, it’s just to level with you.

Imagine how hard it would be to watch your favorite sitcoms like Seinfeld or Friends if they were on at different times (okay maybe not that hard with Netflix and content sydication across networks, but you get the picture).

If you’d rather not watch, I’m going to cover the 5 most important areas of blogging below.

I’ll give you a taste of everything, like a large sampler platter appetizer at your favorite restaurant 😉 You’ll have to ask for some specifics though.

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