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In 1921 they moved to Paris to escape the strictures of New York and their families' mutual dissatisfaction with their marriage.In Paris Gerald took up painting, and they began to make the acquaintances for which they became famous.He failed the entrance exams at Yale three times before matriculating, although he performed respectably there. Sara Sherman Wiborg (November 7, 1883 – October 10, 1975) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio into the wealthy Wiborg family.Her father, manufacturing chemist and owner of his own printing ink and varnish company Frank Bestow Wiborg, was a self-made millionaire by the age of 40, and her mother was a member of the noted Sherman family, daughter of Hoyt Sherman and niece to Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman.Sara settled in Saranac Lake, New York to nurse Patrick, and Baoth and Honoria were put in boarding schools.In 1935, Baoth died unexpectedly of meningitis as a complication of measles, and Patrick succumbed to TB in 1937.

Gerald Murphy’s jazz-rhythmed painting entitled Razor (1924) and the 6-by-6-foot Watch (1925) are part of the Dallas Museum’s permanent collection and are two of eight remaining paintings in Murphy’s 14-work oeuvre.Sara's parents did not approve of their daughter marrying someone "in trade," and Gerald's parents were not much happier with the prospect, seemingly because his father found it difficult to approve anything that Gerald did.After marrying they lived at 50 West 11th Street in New York City, where they had three children.In 1982, Honoria Murphy Donnelly, the Murphys' daughter, with Richard N.Billings, wrote Sara & Gerald: Villa America and After.

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In 1923 the Murphys convinced the Hotel du Cap to stay open for the summer so that they might entertain their friends, sparking a new era for the French Riviera as a summer haven.

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