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The witnesses were Katie Tarbox, who in 1995, at age 13, had been inadequately briefed on the "rules of the net" and disasterously agreed to meet a child predator she'd chatted with online; two local law enforcement personnel, John Karraker and Jim Gregart; Ruben Rodriguez, the Director of the Exploited Child Unit for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; Caroline Curtin, the Director of Children's Policy for AOL; and Kathleen Tucker, the Director of Curriculum Development for I-Safe America.Everyone was concerned about keeping children safe online.Education and empowerment are key." In my opinion, that's exactly right.But I wonder how effectively government will be able to help alleviate the problem.The types who would fall prey to an online creep would just as easily be a victim to a creep in real life...

The most surprising and welcome news of the afternoon was that, despite the alarmist title, there was The hearing launched with Congressman Upton touting his internet record -- notably the domain, now us.Knowledge is key, but kids are, as usual, embracing and understanding change, while bored Congressmen sit behind tables and listen to prepared speeches.Last week, I contacted three students, ages 14 to 17, and asked them about their experiences chatting online.All six witnesses said, using almost the same words, that there is no substitute for parental involvement.Three called for more money and training for law enforcement, to give existing laws teeth. Our local prosecutor suggested mandated inclusion of a CD with every new computer sale, which would explain how to keep children safe online.

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