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The inaugural exhibition of Hermitage Amsterdam, At the Russian Court:.

Although portraits did not as a rule hang in St Georges Hall, they will be on view here and include magnificent depictions of the nineteenth-century tsars and their tsarinas, in particular the portrait of the last tsar, Nicholas II, by Ilya Repin.The other wing will tell the story of the grandiose dinners, parties and themed balls hosted by the tsars in the Hermitage.Among the objects that will bring these subjects to life will be hundreds of exceptionally rich ball gowns and other costumes, magnificent court paintings by Franz Xaver Winterhalter and Ilya Repin, extraordinary items of furniture including the famous Romanov throne, impressive pieces of jewellery by makers such as Faberg, vast and valuable dinner services and the last tsarinas own grand piano.Another striking feature of the presentation will be the projection of images from the film Russian Ark, which was photographed entirely in the Hermitage in St Petersburg by the Russian director Alexander Sokurov.These images will combine with music and revolving display cases to create the impression of a nineteenth-century ball taking place within the Hermitage Amsterdam.

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