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King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia's trip had been postponed twice - firstly because of a political crisis in Spain in March 2016, and then again when the rescheduled date clashed with June's snap general election.

The action-packed tour will see the King and Queen enjoy a private lunch at Buckingham Palace, afternoon tea at Clarence House and a State Banquet at the Palace tonight with senior members of the Royal family.

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King Felipe VI of Spain looked in danger of putting his back out today as he greeted the Queen during the official welcome for the Spanish royals.

The king, who's a lofty 6ft 4', frequently had to stoop and bow as he greeted the Queen, who's just 5ft 3' tall, on the first day of a three-day state visit.

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The tall and short of it: Even 6ft Prince Philip looked a little shorter than usual in the company of Felipe and his wife Letizia, who's just a couple of inches taller than the Queen but donned a pair of [email protected] MHill added: 'William is tall. 'This week's visit is seen as an important step in securing relations with Spain as the UK leaves the EU; the last incoming state visit by a Spanish king - Felipe's father Juan Carlos I - was 31 years ago in 1986.

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