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Bangladesh culture links closely to its neighbors, India and Myanmar.Bangladeshi culture has about 2500 years of experiences, customs, and traditions, which translates into a very diversified cultural spectrum.

Markets, train rides and Sadarghat Port are extraordinary places where you can experience daily life along with the richness of the Bangladeshi people.

Bangladeshi do take into consideration when tourists visit their country, feeling proud of the fact that there are foreign travelers who give them attention, who spend time and money while visiting.

The friendliness of the Dhaka people is, without a doubt, the highlight of my entire experience there.

Set on the shore of the Buriganga river, this chaotic yet lively port is, in my opinion, the city’s tourism highlight.

At Sadarghat, you can dive into Dhaka’s bustling daily life and enjoy interacting with welcoming, friendly Bangladeshi people.

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