Trichy aunties for dating

She let me stand in the shower and washed her hand in the wash basin and took the Liquid soap and rubbed it all over me.

She stopped the shower since it was spraying all over her.

Then she asked me to turn around , which i did slowly covering my pecker with both my hands.

she casually applied gel all over my chest and anf stomach.

Sometimes during night time whenever my penis grows in size, i used to grasp it tightly and sleep. We had a maid named sitara , she was around 35 yrs old at that time and married.

I was still in my Shorts , She followed me with her saree tucked up in her waist. She asked me whether if it is okay with me for her to rub oil on me. I turned and faced the wall with both my hand on the wall She gently rubs my back , my legs .At this point Sitara had a smile on her face was telling me that it seems like someone has woken up and by saying that she removed my hand . Sitara took some liquid sop gel in her hand and started to apply on my genetials and also on my pecker , she slowly moved my foreskin up and down.She momentarily too her hand and looked at me and asked me how did it feel ,and i didn’t know what ot answer and my knee was becoming weaker .She smiled at me and again used her full palm on my pecker and started to pull my foreskin and rubbed me , my knees felt weaker and kneeled down with her hand still on my pecker.She was still smiling and and she too kneeled and didn’t stop the rubbing and finally she retracted my foreskin to the end and kept it as it is and then i shoot the cum for about four times for the first time in my life and collapsed on the floor.

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